DHShields is a brand I created with the intention of encompassing all of my creative skills in one place.
I originally began pursuing this career by achieving an honours degree in Computer Animation, during which I found Digital Art to be a progressive and inspiring medium. Since then, I have produced my own artwork and created private commissions which can be professionally printed, mounted and framed. 
I developed a keen interest in Videography and began to pursue this skill by creating travel videos, which can be found on my Youtube channel. I wanted to produce unique content and so progressed by fusing digital art into videography by blending speedpainting, rotoscoping and animation techniques. I utilised these methods with the intention of creating engaging and inspiring content while showcasing my creative processes.
I have furthered my career as a Videographer by producing videos for events and festivals. These videos promote events and businesses benefit from increased brand awareness. Examples of these projects can be found on my Youtube channel.
I’m always looking to develop and collaborate in different projects. Creativity is boundless and when different creators come together, amazing things can be produced.
I am currently available for hire here in Scotland or for digital projects around the globe so dont hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in working with me.
For the latest updates please follow me on my social media channels linked below. 
Cheers and stay inspired!