Why I choose to be creative

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Why I choose to be creative

Why I choose to be creative

This is a question many creative people may often ask themselves from time to time. 
Well allow me to try and answer…

I believe that everyone has creativity within them and it is a choice whether to be creative or not. In a world where reality can sometimes feel a little too real, creativity can be an essential way to provide catharsis, levity and escapism. The hum of a made up song, a diary entry gone rogue or a simple doodle are all signs that the creative spark comes naturally no matter who we are. It’s also common to question why your voice should matter in a world that can seem so oversaturated with content and I am definitely no exception to that. So why do I choose to be creative?

I choose to be creative because it allows me to not only experience the world but also to interpret it in a way that is original, unique and will inspire others to do the same.

In my professional work it’s definitely true that I have a tendency to show rather than tell. From videography, artwork and animation, the work lends itself to being visually experienced and appreciated for what it is. But for every completed project comes a process, and a process that I want to share on this blog. It is my hope that by sharing my various processes will not only be beneficial for other creative people to draw inspiration from, but also for myself to bring some structure to what can otherwise be a somewhat messy, fragmented process.

Every creator has their own process, and every process is different. But I for one love to see where people get their ideas from, how they put things together in the early stages and how they solve problems. Perhaps not only creative people but anyone who has decided to embrace creativity in their lives might be able to draw inspiration from my processes and hopefully be able to take something valuable away from these blog entries.

As a creative person it’s incredibly important for me to have multiple creative outlets. The more ways I can get whatever is in my head into something tangeable then the more likely that a great idea can be formulated and worked on. I aim to provide a behind the scenes look at both my professional work as well as passion projects and collaborations which I hope to be fresh, honest and inspirational to all of you who who read this.

And so, welcome to The DHShields Blog! 

I’m curious, why do you like to be creative? I would love to hear about why creativity is important to you and it would be great to start a conversation.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts! I will advertise new posts on my social media networks (linked down below) so if you would like to keep up to date then follow me there.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and I wish you an inspiring day.


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